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This number could be more or less than the number of articles, since many sites are only illustrated on the county list articles, and not all articles are illustrated.By the way only the NMONs which are NRHP-listed should be included, not the ones having no historical significance and not being NRHP-listed, to be clear.I was under the impression that Related Changes shows edits to pages that link to a given page, but it turns out that it shows edits to pages that are linked from that page.I find the LOC newspaper archive good for this kind of thing, although 1931 is too late, alas.

Ultra Pornstars is one of the most complete pornstar databases on the web.Starter articles for Connecticut or North Dakota or other states where NRHP noms are systematically on-line at NPS, would be better.

The withdrawal pages sometime state explicitly that the site was delisted from the NRHP as well, but sometimes it leaves that out.And, I am pretty sure that going through some batches of off-wiki generated articles will lead to improvements in what off-wiki generations of articles can achieve.The entire point of Wikipedia is to bring all the information from various sources together into a ready-to-read-once format.I surmise those are cases where table-izing was done prior to our knowing more about the NRIS codes for owner objection.Almost everyone but yourself is opposed to the idea of having a bot creating the articles but you keep advocating for it.Just a note. the community currently frowns on bot created articles.

This is good information to have, but I think we should just keep manually creating articles.-- Dudemanfellabra ( talk ) 05:39, 28 December 2010 (UTC).If I correct these, will somebody jump down my throat or go around reverting me.

Royalbroil, if u wish for Wisconsin county list-articles to be excluded, that is fine. -- doncram ( talk ) 22:01, 12 December 2010 (UTC).There are lots of wikipedia editors and readers out there who do swarm over new articles, and make those connections.

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These are sources that were found at the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office and will impact future NRHP articles in Minnesota.There is a lot of information about there about these guys, including some already on Wikipedia.Is this what you are suggestion doncram, or did I misunderstand your comment.

Separating articles into bigger, more inclusive categories with less strict requirements is much more desirable and accurate IMO than only selecting a few articles to stick out from the rest, which are all clumped into one big group.The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature is the finest turntable.

My current version of generator does require a little tidying by a following edit or two, such as to join lines and remove some extra spaces. -- doncram ( talk ) 22:57, 14 December 2010 (UTC).But we should not rely on them to actually write the article.Typically all works legal or otherwise generated by the US government are freely usable.In the new NRIS database the UTM file, and in the old NRIS the UTMZONEM.DBF file, includes coordinates data in UTM format, i.e. with zone and easting and northing fields.So pretty much, Rantoul is the correct spelling, while Jaques and Jacques are both used about equally everywhere.Cialis Common Name tadalafil In this drug factsheet: How does this medication work.

I would support the bot if the holding pen was in user or project space.On the criteria of which are the most-linked articles from other articles in our wikiproject, these are among the tops.Maybe so little was known, at first, that it seemed unhelpful.I am dismayed to note that your rules would not allow for most NRHP list-articles, which are articles themselves, to exist, because they do not meet DYK criteria.Finally, the ones significant at the local level, like in Minnesota, are places like the Lumber Exchange Building, Jackson Hotel, Great Northern Depot (Princeton, Minnesota), and Soo Line Depot (Crosby, Minnesota).Thanks for that Cass Gilbert Society link, which i just added to the Fargo depot article.There are many incorrect NRHP articles where subsequent editors believed the infobox statement and wrote out that the named parties were architects or designed the place, where it happens they should not have made such an assumption. -- doncram ( talk ) 21:12, 14 December 2010 (UTC).Free and premium stock images of People.We have thousands of royalty free stock images for instant download. HomePeople.

Alas, though, a bot is not a magician, so this will not happen any time soon.I think we should bring Ebyabe to this discussion. ---- DanTD ( talk ) 18:42, 8 December 2010 (UTC).One of my major concerns stated above is the idea of having these bot-created articles in mainspace for users to see.I noticed on the NRHP that there appears to be 85,822 properties listed on the website but only about 36000 have articles in WP.Meanwhile, many other stubs that i started, like Bremo Historic District featured as a DYK on the front page of Wikipedia right now, are constructively involving new and old editors and becoming quite nice.

The drive(s) will last longer, and I think in the end the importance levels will more accurately reflect the actual importance of historic sites.As an aside, the recreational scuba diving community has actively encouraged divers to leave wrecks as they found them and to avoid taking artifacts, in order that future divers may be able to enjoy diving there.I notice no links to redlink Chilhowee Park Historic District and no NRHP list-article linking to Chilhowee Park.That said, I would still like to fully illustrate our county lists.

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Then we could spread out the above to give us more breathing room.